Scar Reduction After Plastic Surgery

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery has developed an interdisciplinary program to help minimize scarring following plastic surgery. This is used to help patients who undergo such surgical procedures as tummy tucks or breast surgery, which include the creation of scars as part of the surgery.

When patients decide to undergo any surgery -- including plastic surgery -- one major concern is the possibility of unsightly scarring. All surgery involves some scarring, but the risk of thickened or raised scars is often greater for those with a family or previous history of scarring and those with darker colored skin. Risks also can be increased when surgery is performed on the torso such as in tummy tucks or on the breasts such as in breast lifts or breast augmentations.

At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery we have pioneered the concept of a multidisciplinary approach to scar intervention and minimization. The Rodeo Drive Scar Reduction Program integrates the work of our plastic surgeons and dermatologists to provide a comprehensive -- and groundbreaking -- approach to minimizing scarring.

During surgery, our plastic surgeons use meticulous technique and very fine sutures to minimize tension on wounds – to limit the formation of unsightly scars right at the time of surgery. Next, we implement our unique post-operative program that includes the treatment of surgical incisions with lasers to help speed healing and diminish the appearance of scar. Where indicated, we also include newly developed, revolutionary, FDA approved topical medications to minimize scarring. The system can be used as part of our surgical plan, or as part of a scar revision procedure for people who already have unsightly scars.

With the Rodeo Drive Scar Reduction Program, our mission is to aggressively treat post-surgical incisions in order to minimize scarring and maximize cosmetic appearance. This service is an integral part of our plastic surgery center and a commitment to our patients to provide unsurpassed medical care. This unique program is offered to our patients who undergo surgery at our center in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas of Southern California.

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