Art Shows at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery

An emphasis on beauty and aesthetics brings the artistic sensibilities of vastly different mediums together at our Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Art Shows. Our first art show was held in June 2006 and was a great success, bringing together our staff, patients, neighbors from the Rodeo Drive area of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and fans of fine art.

The Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center is aesthetically designed to be elegant, light, and welcoming. It has proven to be a great showplace for fine art. The center uses stone, bamboo, glass, marble, steel, and the overall layout to create a pleasing environment. The permanent art collection features three original Andy Warhol's and many other noteworthy pieces of art. Dr. Lloyd Krieger, our medical director and plastic surgeon, and Dr. Chris Dannaker our dermatologist, seek to create aesthetics with their plastic surgery procedures and other treatments -- just as with the office design and as our featured artists do with their work.

Our first show featured Adolfo Girala, an emerging, Cuban-born abstract artist. Adolfo is self-taught and believes that his art allows him to dive into the realm of his inner world. His art brings emotion to color and canvas in a way that is completely unforgettable. Adolfo's work is mixed mediums of dry pigments, acrylic paint, modeling paste and different types of gel mediums. Through the use of different particles of metallic flakes, and glazing techniques, he creates an illusion of inner light which can only be truly appreciated in person.

We plan on making these fine art shows a regular feature at our California plastic surgery offices.

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