More Small Procedures

This blog is always a work in progress. We attempt to keep up to date with new information on all plastic surgery procedures big and small. Right now there does seem to be a trend that people come to see a Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon for smaller procedures. There are a few reasons for this. Smaller procedures have less recovery. That means less down time, quicker times back to work and so on. We are doing a lot of skin fillers to the lips and face and of course many Botox procedures.

But smaller does not mean we are not doing a great deal of surgery. For example, liposuction in many ways is a minimally invasive procedure. We are doing more and more lipo procedures with no anesthesia at all. The procedure include infusion of local anesthetic and this can mean there is no need to have any additional medicines. We also are doing surgery with "light" anesthesia so people wake up quickly and have less recovery.

Please contact us to learn more about our latest techniqes for all treatments big and small!