Tummy Tucks and Drains

At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we do more tummy tucks than any other procedure. We are now doing as many as five per week – on women, men, young people, and seniors. About 30% of our Beverly Hills tummy tuck patients fly in from out of state. One thing that comes up again and again with our tummy tuck patients is the use of drainage tubes (“drains”) following the procedure. People do not like the idea of having drains following the procedure. But there are real benefits to using them, and in fact they are a necessity following the procedure.
The tubes are small. They usually stay in place for about five days. They are an inconvenience, but little more than that. Why are they necessary? Well, during a tummy tuck we create a large raw surface under the skin of the abdomen. This area creates a lot of fluid following the procedure. This is how the body heals itself. If this fluid accumulates under the skin, it is uncomfortable following the plastic surgery procedure. It can become infected in some situations. And, even though it is created by the body, we find that this fluid actually slows the healing following surgery.
So we place the drains. They remove the fluid under the skin. They help to make the start of healing go faster and more comfortably. The drains require very little care and effort. They are an inconvenience, yes, but once people understand that they serve a useful purpose we find that most of our patients do just fine having the drains in place for a few days following their tummy tuck. It is a small price to pay for the dramatic changes in the midsection provided by the procedure.
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