Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Goes Pop Culture!

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is pleased to have entered the media age! We have introduced our own channel on YouTube and a page on MySpace. So many of our patients seem to get their information from the Internet that we thought it was time to expand beyond our web site and blogs.
The YouTube channel already has several videos on it, including informational shorts and some of the media interviews our staff and patients have done with various news shows. Some of the topics covered in the videos include our approach to California abdominoplasty and Beverly Hills breast lift. Because of our international presence, we have videos posted in English, Spanish, and French.

Our MySpace page is just starting up, but we already include information about our services and approach to specialized plastic surgery care and approach to procedures. Good results from plastic surgery of course come mostly from our work in the operating room. But we also believe strongly that the best results come when good communication is added to this mix. When we have a good understanding of our patients' goals, and our patients have a good understanding of our techniques and the entire surgery and recovery process, then the process becomes much more predictable, comfortable, and rewarding for everyone. So we are big believers in using all available means of communication to have the best possible give and take with everyone.

You can click on these links to see our channel of plastic surgery on YouTube and plastic surgery on MySpace.