Our Web Sites

We are very proud of our web sites here at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. And we have a lot of them! Our goal in making these sites is for them to be educational, easy to interact with, nice to look at, and to provide easy access to lots of good information about all aspects of plastic surgery. To this end, we have created some broad educational web sites that cover all aspects of plastic surgery.

We have also created a number of specialty web sites, covering compete detail of such procedures as breast augmentation or liposuction. In fact, we have web sites dedicated to these procedures as well as to tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, and breast reduction.

Within the web sites, we try to make all the information as easily accessible as possible. We have before and after pictures of various procedures. We have video of procedures, our philosophy, a tour of our facility, and patients describing their experiences. We hope that by bringing a great deal of information forward in diverse and multi-media formats, our visitors will learn still more about plastic surgery. One example is our Planning Your Procedure and Recovery sections, which provide great detail about getting ready for surgery. Another is our Breast Augmentation Information Center, which also brings large amounts of knowledge into one spot.

We keep our web sites very up to date with new trends, new techniques, and other plastic surgery news. We have links to our blogs (and we have several of these, too!). One of our blogs focuses exclusively on educational articles about plastic surgery.

As we do cosmetic surgery on Rodeo Drive, we always find that knowledgeable patients are our happiest patients. They also tend to get the best results. They understand all the steps of the process and the likely results, so they can contribute most effectively to creating a great outcome. We designed our web sites to help with this education process for our patients.