Our Neighborhood

We are all products of our environment. And certainly this is the case for us here at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. We are the only plastic surgery center on Rodeo Drive. Our neighbors are not low-key; they are the finest boutiques in the world. These high-end stores define the very best in style, taste, and service. We seek to do the same when we do all of our procedures, such as Beverly Hills liposuction or Los Angeles tummy tuck.

What does this mean? Well, at the start it meant that we designed our center to be welcoming and elegant. We hired and trained our staff to pay attention to all of your needs so that entire process surrounding your plastic surgery is as smooth and rewarding as possible. It means we are constantly seeking to improve our services and to provide innovative treatments. One example of this is our Rodeo Drive Belly Button, which we do as part of all our tummy tucks. Our approach to tummy tucks changed and advanced based on feedback from our patients. They told us that belly buttons in standard tummy tucks simply did not allow them to show off their new tummies the way they had hoped. We listened and now work to provide the most pleasing belly buttons out there following tummy tucks.

Our neighbors on Rodeo Drive also inspired us to change our approach to Los Angeles breast reduction. Most procedures worked to make the breasts smaller. We work to take things a step closer, and make our reductions have an even more pleasing final shape in addition to providing a decrease in size and a lift. We worked with boutique owners here on Rodeo Drive to best understand modern style and fashion trends so we could create an approach to breast reduction that allows our patients to wear the types of fashionable clothing sold here on Rodeo Drive.

So we at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery take our name seriously. So whatever procedure you are considering, large or small, Beverly Hills liposuction or a Botox touch-up, rest assured that just like our great neighbors on Rodeo Drive, we will always bring the best in service and style to your care.