Our Art Collection

We are very pleased to have created an appealing and special art collection here at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Because our focus is on aesthetics, we apply this to our environment just as we do to our work doing Los Angeles plastic surgery. To that end, we have taken time and effort to make our office setting warm, inviting, and elegant. Part of this includes our art collection.

We have three original Andy Warhol lithographs, as we show on the images here. These are part of his series on flowers. The suite of three pieces is called Kiku, which is Japanese for crisanthamum. They provides striking images with luscious colors and warmth.
We also have several paintings by the esteemed local artist Adolfo Girala. I have one his beautiful pieces in my personal office, and we have other pieces by Adolfo in each of our exam rooms. Adolfo is originally from Cuba and this background has helped inform his work. He has many images of the sea, with interesting fish characterizations, and also does wonderful abstract work. We were pleased to present an art show of his works last year at our office. We are looking forward to putting together more of these art shows to feature local artists.

We hope that when you are visiting us for such procedures as Beverly Hills breast augmentation, you will enjoy the art and the entire environment of our office here on Rodeo Drive!